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Where You Can Turn Your Website URL Address and Phone Number InTo A Image that can be captured by any Smartphone!

Marketing and Promoting your business or organization's website domain and contact phone number. Convert your URL ( and Phone Number (0001-614-000-0000) into a Image that any smartphone's camera can capture and connect your potential customers to your business website or phone number.

Now your customers can connect to your website by using a picture of your domain name or phone number. PictureThis Website Generates a .png images of your URL and phone number with a small camera icon to the left of the the URL and Phone Number that lets Smartphone Users know that your URL and Phone Number connects them to you. When potential customers take a picture using a smartphone, they will be directed to your website or can call your business phone number with the push of one button. It's similar to a QR Code, but takes of less space in ads and provides brand identification in all media marketing platforms. This innovative technology can be placed on products on Marketing and Promotional Materials Online Adverstising in Print Newspapers, Magazines, Blogs, Post Cards, Billboards and T-Shirts. It can also be used in broadcast Advertising Commericals. It's a better way to market and promote your business, brand or organization and drive tracffic and sales to your business for a small investment of your marketing budget. It's a game changer!

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Turn Your URL and Phone Number into A Picture that can be used in all forms of Media Advertising and Marketing. It allows any Smartphone Camera to Capture and Connect Your Potential Customers to Your Website or Phone Number, to Increase Sales.